Our property management system (PMS) works for all hotels large and small, both independents and groups. For hotel groups, all properties can be accessed through a single portal which makes head office management very easy, no matter which location you are working from.

You can also check availability across all properties at once which makes it ideal for central reservations. Hotels within a group can check availability or book at their sister hotels, so if they are fully booked they can offer potential guest an alternative rather than losing the sale.

  • Adapt your PMS to suit your hotel business – Set up the Hotel Executive to suit the size of your hotel and easily adapt it if your business grows or takes over new properties.

  • One centralised system for multiple properties – Access all properties through a single portal, from anywhere.

  • Cross reference availability – Hotel group staff can check availability across all sister hotels to make suggestions and referrals.

  • Never lose a sale – If one hotel property is full, use your PMS to offer potential guests a room in an alternative property.

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