Adjust and adapt your hotel prices in real time throughout the week or even the day according to the level of demand. By altering prices to reflect availability you’ll get more bookings while also boosting profits during periods of high occupancy.

Our Tariff Matrix module gives you real control over all your room prices, as far into the future as you choose. You can set up sophisticated occupancy and revenue rules to vary prices automatically to ensure you maximise revenue where possible. This is a hugely effective way of driving bookings during quieter periods and filling rooms at the most profitable price when demand is high.

  • Real time pricing – Rates across all sales channels controlled by the PMS’ Tariff Matrix.

  • Maximise profits – Set prices to increase when occupancy is high, making the most out of greater demand.

  • Increase bookings – Adjust rates to reflect demand with deals to bring in more bookings during quiet periods.

  • Cut out human error – Set up your business rules and let the system do the work for you.

  • Unlimited rates and packages – Each with their own business rules giving you the ultimate flexibility.

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