Forget logging in to 10 different websites to change your availability or room rates. With our hotel channel manager you can control all your online sales channels from one place while online reservations automatically flow back into your hotel management system.

When you make a change on your property management system (PMS), it will instantly be reflected across all your online sales channels. If someone books anywhere on your sales channels, the room availability will be instantly updated everywhere, so there’s no risk of overbooking or underselling. This instant updating makes it easier to maximise your exposure across multiple sales channels without it becoming unmanageable. It also gives you the freedom to optimise your room prices or close expensive channels as availability runs low, ensuring you maximise revenue.

  • Two-way connectivity – To over 200 online travel agencies including, Laterooms, and Expedia.

  • Global distribution system (GDS) option – Makes your hotel visible to over 500,000 travel agencies worldwide.

  • One point of management – Rates for all channels controlled and updated instantly from within our rate management tool, Tariff Matrix.

  • Real time inventory – Availability of rooms updated to all channels in real time, so no more overbooking.

  • Beat the competition – Monitor rates of your key competitors enabling you to adjust your own prices accordingly.

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