Why did you choose to use Avon Data’s software?

Through excellent recommendations, and the fact that they were the most trusted and liked for our team.

Describe your relationship with Avon Data?

So far it’s been great, they have been very helpful and are always available to help with any issues.

How has Avon Data supported Palé Hall with its growth?

The system has helped us achieve the high standards we are now known for, and plays an important part in the hotel’s smooth running and success. We are excited to see what the future holds for us with Avon Data.

Has it helped with understanding your customers better?

Yes, Avon Data has been fundamental in helping us deliver a great service and gather invaluable customer information and we are sure that this will translate into repeat business.

What would you miss most about your Avon Data if you did not have it?

The ease of organising my hotel. Pen and paper just doesn’t cut it these days, even in a small hotel like Pale Hall!

  • Cloud Hosted

  • HE-Secure Plus

  • Guest Engagement

  • Rate Management

  • Front Office Management

  • Channel Manager

  • Back Office & Reporting

  • Event Management

  • Restaurant & Bar POS

  • Multi Property

Want to know more?

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