Avondata offer new voucher platform

Avondata is now offering SmartGift, an online voucher platform, as part of their product range.

SmartGift’s platform simplifies online and in-house sales of monetary gift vouchers and gift experiences.

According to research by the Gift Card and Voucher Association (GCVA), the UK gift card market – including gift cards, vouchers, digital, e-gift codes – was worth just under £7bn in 2020, and the industry as a whole is growing by 7.2% year on year. What’s more, the leisure sector benefited the most, growing by 13.5% and now accounting for 17% of the overall market.

This is why SmartGift is a brilliant, revenue generating add-on for hotels. Historically, selling and redeeming vouchers has been difficult for hotels to manage. Now, with Smartgift, it couldn’t be easier. SmartGift is integrated with Avondata’s new PMS, Rezcontrol, and Newbridge EPOS so guests can redeem their voucher against their room account or their restaurant bill.

Revenue from experience vouchers and packages is broken down into the relevant departments – such as accommodation, food, wine, etc – in the background, giving you accurate and detailed sales analysis.

Log into your own SmartGift dashboard to easily design and create new vouchers and packages, and report on voucher sales and redemptions. Your professional voucher sales page will be linked to your own website and can be customised with your imagery and branding. Here is an example of a SmartGift selling page: https://pointerinn.smart-gift.co.uk/

The breakage rate (rate at which vouchers are unredeemed)) is typically 2-4%. Hotels with average voucher sales can expect that breakage revenue alone will cover the £50.00* monthly cost of SmartGift.

To find out more about our partnership with SmartGift, please contact our sales team on 0330 223 1456 (press option 1) or email sales@avondata.co.uk.

*£50 montly fee includes 100 voucher sales. Additional voucher sales are 50p each.