5 Ways To Provide The Best Hotel Customer Service

The best hotels know that good customer service is crucial for brand development, customer retention and ultimately increasing revenue.

Unlike your location or building structure, providing the best hotel service experience is something you have complete control over.

1. Survey your guests

People like sharing their opinions. Which is why guests will really appreciate the opportunity to help you serve them better.

You can automatically send follow up emails after guests book their rooms, when they check in, and after they’ve returned home. Provide the opportunity for them to write their own answers but make sure you still give them simple multiple choice options.

2. The personal touch

The easiest way to ruin a holiday is to lose something really valuable to you. Whether it’s a diamond ring or a sentimental toy, hotel guests will likely check out of your hotel feeling stressed or upset over their loss.

And while the hotel isn’t responsible for any lost items, they can still take ownership of how they help customers deal with the situation.

Hotels can view CCTV footage or assign a particular member of staff to find out what has happened to a guest’s lost property. This will make the guest feel valued.

3. Problem solve internally

When it comes to hotel management, creating team bonding between the various departments should be a top priority. There are plenty of situations that could be solved by asking the right person. However, guests are often flustered and unsure of who to turn to.

By educating every employee about what the hotel offers, who does what, and how they’ve helped guests in the past, your staff will be better equipped to provide excellent service without any extra work.

4. Form strategic partnerships

Sometimes your upgrades and special treatments can come from outside sources. It can be a gift for your loyalty members or a bonus for adding on special items. Little details like these help you stand out without any extra cost to you.

For example, you can offer a free cheese platter from a high quality local shop at check in. The shop can promote themselves whilst also helping to improve your hotel customer service.

5. Empower hotel employees

Some of the best moments cannot be planned for by upper management. Instead, it’s up to your employees to acknowledge and address those opportunities as they come up day to day. Which means you have to include one key skill in your standard employee training: improvisation.

In addition to providing appropriate training, hotels can empower their employees to perform high level customer service through budgeting. For example, set a rule that your employees are free to come up with any creative solution as long as it costs under £50.00.