Does it pay to make your hotel pet friendly?

Most pet owners would agree that their furry friends are very much part of the family. So it’s natural to consider their needs when planning a trip away. Traditionally this would involve an extended stay at the kennels or the services of a local sitter. However, times are changing, and it’s becoming increasingly popular for your pets to come along with you.

According to the PDSA, 49% of UK adults own a pet and 38% of them feel guilty about leaving their four-legged friends behind. This has created a new market of potential customers that prioritise pet-friendly hotels when planning their stay.

Consumers are also aware that pet-friendly hotels are still a minority which means that hoteliers can charge higher than average prices for the flexibility of accommodating pets. The rarity of pet-friendly hotels also means that consumers are more likely to revisit your hotel in the future and recommend you to other pet owners.

Research shows that pet-friendly hotels are the first preference of the majority of pet owners while choosing a hotel. This means a significant potential for new customers.

Some research also shows that 75% of pet owners become loyal customers of pet-friendly hotels. Once you host a guest and their pet, it is highly likely that the customer will remember you and return in the future.

The demand for pet-friendly hotels is growing. So if you implement these tips, you have a good chance of attracting pet-friendly guests and turning them into repeat customers. Additionally, with the option of specialist pet services as a sideline, you could capitalise further still, and maybe even brand yourself as a pet spa!