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How hotels can lure in guests over the quiet season

Every hotelier, regardless of the size of the hotel, has faced challenges during the off-season. If you’ve been in the hotel business long enough, you should know by now your low and peak seasons so you can prepare for them well in advance.

With careful marketing planning and strategic ideas, you can prevent your business from experiencing loss in revenues during off-season months. Below are some ideas that I would like to share.

Knowing Your Guests

Repeat custom is a key factor in ensuring that your hotel is never empty. Using your PMS, identify valuable guests that visit frequently and target them with email, text or social media posts, offering great deals during the off-season months. As well as time specific offers, consider friend referral schemes too to drive up business.

Rewards For Loyal Guests

Rewards programs are a great way to encourage repeat business. You can reward your regular customers with a gift when they reach a certain level of loyalty. Make sure your reward program is date specific so that you can attain as much repeat business as possible during the off-season months.

Host Events / Seminars

If you are a hotel that can host seminars and events, market your hotel to local businesses promoting these services. This is a great way to increase revenue and attract more corporate clients during the off-season months.

Holiday Package Offers

Encourage longer visits by creating multi night packages. Offering an incentive to stay longer means that your guest benefits from a great deal, and you ensure your beds aren’t empty during low season. It’s win, win!

The key to sustaining a hotel during the low season is to focus on your guests and using all of the tools at your disposal to monitor key guest patterns/trends. Knowing your customer and their spending habits can drive repeat business and build a long-term rapport with loyal customers.