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Hospitality advice for the new year

With the year coming to an end and a new decade on the horizon, 2020 presents an opportunity for hoteliers to re-evaluate a few key aspects of their business and make some changes to the running of their hotels.

Here at Avondata we work with hotels all over the country and have done for many years. We have seen it all in this industry, so read on to find out our top tips for giving your hotel a boost in 2020:
1. Positioning
The new year is a fantastic opportunity to consider where in the market your hotel sits based on who you are targeting.
Although a big project, a rebrand or makeover can be a great opportunity to help you to reposition yourself in the mind of your guests. Offering extras can also help to position your hotel in a growing sub-sector, including technological services such as AI or VR or experiential extras such as Segway rides and spa days.
2. Staff
As much as your hotel works around your guests, what goes on behind the scenes and the work that goes into providing these fantastic services can often be overlooked.
A new year can be a great time to show how much you value the staff at your hotel, with various reward schemes, pensions and training courses available, why not make 2020 the year of the employees.
3. CSR and sustainability
On top of providing a top service to those who stay with you, it is more important than ever that hoteliers run their hotel in a responsible and sustainable way.
Make 2020 the year of action, replacing single use plastics, promoting car sharing, cycle to work schemes and using energy saving light bulbs are just some of the ways you can improve your impact on the environment.
Charity work and volunteering are other great examples of how you can show evidence of strong corporate social responsibility.