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Top 5 tips for providing the best guest experience

When it comes to getting people to choose your hotel, competition is fierce. In this digital economy, accommodation providers now need to be constantly adapting to meet the individual requirements of their guests. There is now such a focus on customer journey, from the initial web search right through to the stay in your hotel, and beyond.

With ‘guest experience’ one of today’s biggest industry buzz phrases, we thought we’d give our top five tips for providing the best for your guests.

Put yourself in the user’s shoes

As a hotelier, you are expected to know every intimate detail of what your guests want and need before they’ve even checked in to their room. We believe the best way to optimise the experience of every potential hotel guest is by putting yourself in their shoes.

It’s important to regularly review the demographics of your guests, to ensure you are providing the right facilities and services for your target audience, and to check you are contacting them and engaging them using the right methods and channels.

Consider your touchpoints

There are now more ways for people to communicate than ever before and there is no reason for hoteliers and accommodation providers not to be capitalising on all relevant communication channels.

If you know your audience, you should know the best ways to engage with them.

For example, millennials are increasingly relying on online reviews and social media to inform their decisions about choosing holiday accommodation. So, for hotels looking to attract millennial guests, it will be key to have up-to-date and beautifully curated Instagram and Facebook channels.

Personalisation is key

The overwhelming choice available for the modern traveller means that guests are able to be more and more picky when it comes to what they want from an accommodation provider.

By trying to appeal to everyone, you are in danger of appealing to no one. Through personalising the messages you send, you are ensuring your potential guests feel valued and this is particularly relevant when it comes to your digital communication.

With the emerging technology of today – artificial intelligence being an example – it is now increasingly possible to show your audience exactly what they want to see and when they want to see it.

There’s no longer an excuse for having a website that shows browsers irrelevant content, such as a ‘book now’ button for guests who have already made a booking and are looking for upsell opportunities, or family rooms for a company looking to host a business meeting.

Keep on top of industry trends

A constant battle for hoteliers today is ensuring you are ahead of the curve, whether that be in terms of the latest technology or the most ‘on-trend’ services.

Give your guests something (positive!) to say about you to their friends and family – or, better still, online – by using technology such as virtual assistants in your hotel rooms or making your hotel greener and eco-friendlier.

Ensure there is follow up

Gone are the days where checking out of the hotel is the last point of communication between guest and hotelier.

It is now vital, particularly given that it is so easy, that you follow up with your visitors after their stay, to find out about their experience at your hotel and to see if they would recommend you or stay with you again in the future.

Reviews can make or break a business as not only are they a potential customers’ way of comparing you to your peers, they are a fantastic and free way for you to gain feedback that you can use to improve the guest experience in the future.