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Avondata’s investment in development

Bristol, now widely dubbed ‘Silicon Gorge’, has become home to a booming tech industry that is being recognised throughout the UK and internationally.

According to the Tech Nation 2018 report, the city is the most productive tech cluster in the country and its new digital tech businesses grew by an impressive 283 per cent between 2006 and 2016.

We are one of the many tech-driven SMEs in Bristol contributing to this thriving community and here managing director Sarah Cade discusses the importance of investing in development for the company.

“We are currently working towards launching our very own browser-based full cloud solution that can be run on any device and across any operating system.

Our hosted system has seen great success and we’re thrilled our customers have been so happy with it. We’re now excited to be entering a new phase of development and commandeering a completely different technological environment.

It goes without saying that security, accessibility and functionality are key considerations for developing this new software, but our customers always are and will continue to be our central focus.

We are committed to bucking the industry trend of expensive and complicated migrations to sub-standard cloud-based systems and we want our customers to be part of our technological journey.

Over the past two years, we have significantly bolstered our development team with some impressive talent from the region in order to build a leading product that meets our customers’ every need.

Our new browser-based solution, due to launch at the end of 2019, will be user-friendly, easily migratable and cost-effective – and we’re so excited for you to see it!

Throughout the year, we will be hosting a number of ‘sneak peek’ seminars to introduce you to our new technology, so keep an eye on our website and our social channels to find out more.”