How Avondata’s secure payment gateway boosted revenue within weeks

Manorview Hotels and Leisure Group, which runs eight boutique hotels across the UK, adopted Avondata’s secure payment gateway feature at its first hotel in June last year.

Since then, Manorview has rolled the software out across three other hotels, with the feature being installed at the remaining four by the start of February.

We spoke to Pam Davies, group revenue manager at Manorview, who was instrumental in the decision to move across to Avondata’s secure payment gateway, about why and what difference it has made to the business.

Why did you adopt Avondata’s secure payment gateway?

We really chose it for the range of payment types and secure payment it offers, without having to handle card details. We had previously been using another system which entailed a very long-winded process, requiring a great deal of manual cross referencing that would take up valuable staff time.

With Avondata’s payment gateway, payment and deposits are taken straight away, saving loads of time following it all up to check the payments had been made.

What was the implementation process like?

Avondata are brilliant with the support and set up. They install the new system, provide training on how to use it and ensure that any teething problems are dealt with really quickly. Since we’ve had the new system up and running, we haven’t had any problems. We were using Avondata’s property management system (PMS) at all our hotels already, then we’ve steadily added more functions such as the dynamic pricing, Events and now this. I have worked with Avondata for 20 years at different hotels and have always been really impressed by the quality of their service.

How does it work?

I set our payment processes and rules to the hotel rate types then the system acts automatically in accordance with our hotel’s policies. For each hotel, I just have to add in the different rates and rate policies. It is so quick and easy. It’s completely transformed the way we all work.

What difference has it made to your business?

The hotels where we have introduced the new payment gateway have already seen increased revenue. We could see a difference within just four weeks of the new system being in place. This is because we’re getting the money directly and we’re not having to wait and chase down payment. Some of our receptionists are just too busy to stay on top of this and don’t have the time to be chasing down payments so it has made a huge difference. Cancellation and ‘no show’ fees are also charged automatically.

The payment gateway saves so much staff and management time. There’s no more manual inputting of details and checking up on who has and has not paid. It also cuts out any human error so we don’t have to deal with card details being taken down incorrectly and having to call people back. If a card is declined or the payment doesn’t go through, we get alerted straight away so we can tell the guests. It gives us much tighter control over our revenue.