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Top 5 hospitality trends for 2019

Here at Avondata we’ve seen our fair share of people predicting the future with their trends for 2019. So we’ve saved you the time of reading them all and compiled our picks of the best, see below our top 5 trends in the hotel and hospitality sector next year:

1) Smarter technology

The prevalence of technology in customers’ lives grows greater each year and hotels in 2019 will be forced to further integrate these advancements into their hotels in order to keep up with the demands of their guests.

According to Hotel Designs the future of Hotels will include everything from mobile keys, ‘text messages to the reception instead of calling, and saving in-room preferences such as temperature, lighting, or even the type of toiletries preferred.

As well as this, a Travel Market Report believes an increase in hotels letting guests easily connect their personal devices to TV screens and hotel services will add some value to the high expenditure caused by faster internet in 2019.

Finally, Hotel News Resource has cited that ‘modern technology developers are embracing specialisation, enabling a higher level of software sophistication’ with channel managers and property management systems like Avondata becoming more connected in order to create a truly seamless hotel booking system.

2) Greater focus on being eco-friendly

It is true that ‘these days eco-friendly practices are becoming the norm in the hospitality industry’ according to Hotel News Resource, with things like paper straws and automatic lights just two examples of things that are changing in the industry.

Social Hospitality knows that this focus on reducing carbon emissions and ‘going green’ is critical and also understand that consumer’s needs are changing. It’s important that hotels offer green alternatives or watch its carbon footprint, as not doing so could discourage visitors from staying.

Hotel Designs also believes that 2019 will see hotels focusing more on the use of environmentally sustainable practices, from use of ‘natural and recycled/recyclable building materials, to solar panels and linen recycling. We will see more initiatives to measure and reduce carbon footprints and LED lightning in a bid to reduce energy consumption.’

3) Greater, more personalised experiences

The occurrence of Chatbots and AI in hotels 2019 will increase massively, with 4Suites claiming that they will save hours for the service staff and will improve the overall guest experience through their ability to give instant intelligent answers to various requests.

Hotel Designs also claims that this will be a trend in 2019 with guests seeing ‘TVs broadcasting their own subscribed content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other platforms.’ This innovative hotel design will make the guest experience more streamlined and effortless at the same time.

Improving guest experience has always been top-of-the-list for property owners according to Hotel News Resource. Who say ‘cloud-based technology combined with artificial intelligence and better use of data has made this easier.’

4) Minimalist room design

Social Hospitality knows renovations cost a lot of money, but what they also acknowledge is that ‘even if you have fast Wi-Fi and free breakfast, if the interior design of your hotel doesn’t fit the times, people aren’t going to want to visit again’ claiming minimalist and natural designs will be a hot trend in 2019.

Seconded by Hotel News Resource which says ‘the minimalist look is progressively becoming second nature in accommodation worldwide. Clean lines and less clutter create a sense of calm and beauty so immersive that your guests won’t want to ever leave.

This is a trend backed further by Travel market report who say ‘Simple used to mean homey, but now it’s very comfortable, in shades of grey and black and tan, so the person stands out. The room should play a supporting role.’

5) Partnerships with local transportation

The final trend of 2019 is not one mentioned by the masses, but we still think will play an important part in the guest’s overall experience in the future.

Another one backed by Social Hospitality and the Hotel News Resource is an increase in the link between transport and accommodation, with more and more local transportation companies partnering with hotels. They feel ‘hotel management should look into transportation like limos and rental cars.’ Believing that taking that extra step for your guests will increase repeat visits and improve online reviews.