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Profit boosting online tools by Staah available now!

Do you want to optimise your hotel guests’ all-round booking experience whilst saving time and money?

We provide a gateway for you to take advantage of the innovative technology offered by our trusted partner, STAAH. With a combination of their efficient tools, you can rest assured your customers will have a seamless booking experience and you can stay on top of your online business.

What’s more, we take care of all the hard work on your behalf – we will get you set up with these easy-to-use online tools to maximise your online exposure, analyse your business performance and enhance guest experience.

Boosting efficiency

Cue STAAH’s ConvertDirect Booking Engine: the idea is to drive all traffic through your hotel’s own website, therefore avoiding those steep commission costs. This gives autonomy back to the hotelier and enables them to focus on customer satisfaction.

STAAH’s booking engine can be used by properties of all sizes and its easy-to-use reporting tool can help you make better decisions about your hotel’s prices and packages.

With its Instant Channel Manager seamlessly integrated with our PMS, STAAH will help you to streamline your rate and inventory management, meaning that when you want to change your rates there is no need to log onto a multitude of websites.

The hotel channel manager allows you to control both availability and rates from one place – and forget manual data entry too, reservations will automatically flow back into your property management system from your own website and the online travel agencies.


Ensuring your guests have a fantastic first impression of your hotel and an excellent experience of your hospitality begins with a seamless booking journey from start to finish. As well as this, they’ll want to know they’re getting the best deal!

STAAH has created a widget called Watchmyrate that sits on your hotel website. Guests are constantly searching around for the best deals in the hotel sector and this tool can help your hotel get ahead. As your customers proceed with their booking, the widget will pop up and confirm that they are getting the cheapest rate for this particular room type anywhere online, comparing the price with that displayed on the online travel agencies.

Another innovative add-on by STAAH is RateSTalk. It’s a competitor rate shopper that compares the cost of your rooms with that of your five closest competitors for any seven day period.  This provides you with instant information to help you make the best rate decisions and keep ahead of the competition.

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