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Revenue management: Why Brakspear uses Avon Data

This month we caught up with Tobi Evennett who heads up Evennett Hospitality Services. Tobi is a freelance revenue manager and hotel consultant who manages the rates and reservations of eleven properties which use Avon Data systems.

Eight of the eleven properties Tobi manages are Brakspear properties. Tobi started working with the Grapevine Hotel – now called the Sheep on Sheep Street – which had Avon Data installed and he was tasked with assisting in choosing one system for the estate. Tobi trialed various hotel software providers and Avon Data came out on top as the obvious choice.

Tobi said: “We chose to work with Avon Data for the Brakspear properties I manage because it’s really user friendly and for its multi-property functionalities. One person can access multiple sites from the cloud-hosted platform at any one time, for me this is perfect. It matches all our key objectives and the reporting is fantastic.

“One of the most important things for me is the integration between Avon Data and channel manager SiteMinder and EPOS system Zonal which are both used throughout the Brakspear properties.”

Tobi started working with Avon Data in 2014 when one of the independent hotels he works with already had the system installed, he then went on to install the systems at two other independent hotels whose previous hotel software was out of date and couldn’t keep up.

Commenting on his experience with Avon Data, Tobi said: “The system really helps me in my role as revenue manager as it’s incredibly easy to change and manipulate rates and manage bookings, specifically large group bookings.

“Its flexible and detailed reporting features make exporting and presenting data a walk in the park compared to other systems I’ve worked with.

“The customer service is phenomenal and the support team is always friendly and very helpful.”