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Planning events? Avon Data can help

From spring soirees and summer weddings to autumn conferences and Christmas parties, each season brings with it a flurry of events in the hospitality industry.

Today, providing an excellent standard of accommodation, food and service may not be enough. Securing a reputation as a successful and unique events venue on top is paramount to standing out in the market. And these days we’re all aware that an Instagram feed full of smiling faces and popping bottles makes for a fabulous marketing tool.

Events can prove a vital source of revenue through referral traffic as a result of happy couple who can’t stop talking about how fantastic their wedding was or the MD who was impressed with the efficiency and ease of planning a last-minute working lunch.

Hosting corporate events such as roundtables and Christmas parties are an effective way to attract a constant stream of professionals and repeat business travelers.

These examples highlight how events can be a valuable revenue generator and can be instrumental to setting your hotel apart from its competitors. But, let’s be honest, they can also be a headache.

So how can Avon Data help?

Gone are the days where details for events were scribbled down on paper and kept in folders. From detailing guest requirements all the way through to invoicing, technology has become imperative to planning a successful event.

At Avon Data, we understand the importance of saving you time and energy by streamlining your processes to ensure events at your hotel run as smoothly as possible.

When you’re using Events, our conference and event management solution, you can handle scheduling, monitoring, reminders and billing all in one powerful, user-friendly system.

Key features of our Event Management Software:

  • Flexible booking planner: big or small, lavish or simple, our planner handles all types of event.
  • Templates and packages: maximise your efficiency by putting together quotes and pro-forma invoices in a matter of minutes.
  • Professional function sheet: put your event hosts’ minds at ease by presenting them with a simple document detailing the event schedule, attendees, pro-forma account and notes.
  • Keeping it all in one place: Events fully integrates with our PMS and EPOS systems making it simple to manage bedrooms and add food and drink charges.
  • Task diary: ensure the relevant departments in your hotel are automatically reminded of their checklist to guarantee the event runs without a glitch.

Get in touch today to find out more about Avon Data’s Events Management Software.