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What do millennials want? Human touch vs high tech

Millennials are often the target of topical witticisms thanks to their ‘tech-savvy generation’ branding, but is it now the most important time to impress millennials? Avon Data explores the importance of human touch vs high tech in the hotel industry for this generation.

CLH News recently reported that millennials generate 30% of hospitality and restaurant revenue, so understanding their wants and needs could be a very profitable advantage for hoteliers.

Their priorities may not be what you’d expect. It would be easy to label millennials as being a tech-obsessed generation, but an authentic human touch still appears to beat futuristic experiences with 72% of millennials valuing genuine interaction with hotel and restaurant staff.

Leading international law firm CMS conducted the research earlier this year to find out exactly what it is that millennials want and expect from their travel experience. Trends show it’s all about getting the perfect balance between a human touch and high tech.

The roots planted by hoteliers aren’t losing ground: an excellent customer service experience remains essential for success. Location and cost of accommodation also topped the list of priorities for millennials, but there are certainly tech-related expectations beginning to blossom.

Choosing the right tech

Whilst a customer-focused service is a major factor in running a great hotel, you still can’t afford to leave it down to friendly smiles alone.

Research shows that high speed Wi-Fi is important for 66% of millennials and is a consideration when choosing to revisit a hotel. Forty-nine per cent also said hotel service apps improved their overall experience, whilst 37% enjoy music streaming facilities and 35% had a positive reaction to room control technology, such as tablets, suggesting that the tech doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, just efficient.

Listening to what millennials consider imperative to a great holiday experience is key to pleasing that generation. In a world of likes, shares and posts, millennials want a voice.

Prioritising your investments will pay off in the future. For example, implementing 3D visual entertainment technology in restaurants when only 16% of millennials said it’s something they hope to see, may not be the answer.

Trends indicate that millennials are more likely to book a stay at your hotel if it has high ratings on social media and excellent reviews online, proving that they are listening to the voice of the internet.

Balancing the books

But what’s the best way to show millennials that your hotel has the best balance? At Avon Data we recognise the importance of meeting all your guests’ needs, so we designed our software to help you do this.

It’s easy to orchestrate a high-class hospitality experience with our complete touchscreen EPOS solution for your hotel bar and restaurant. Our sophisticated Banquet system helps you reduce costs whilst providing a smooth and fast service that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Banquet also enables you to streamline operations, automatically sending orders to the kitchen, and charges to the room, so you can guarantee A-class customer service for your guests. Relieving some of the pressure from your hospitality staff means the focus can be on providing that all-important genuine interaction with millennials.

And it doesn’t end there. Our hotel front desk software is designed to eradicate any tedious check-in queues, which kick-starts the millennials’ visit with a display of technological efficiency.