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Top tips for hotels as employer brands

The hospitality industry boasts a six-million strong workforce and is the fourth biggest employer in the UK. But, as any hotel knows, great staff are hard to find.

This can often just be the nature of the industry; on the one hand, employees might be seasonal, part-time or students, for example, and, on the other, competition for skilled professionals such as chefs will always be high.

As we’ve been working closely with hotels across the UK and providing expertise in hotel management software for over 30 years, we thought we would put together some hotel management top tips for how hotels can maximise their employer brands to attract today’s best talent.

Publicise vacancies

It may seem obvious, but in order to reach as many jobseekers as possible and to have the pick of the best talent, hotels need to publicise their vacancies.

There are now so many well-respected and effective job-searching websites that they have become one of the first ports of call for jobseekers, so try and get your vacancies posted on these – many let you posts jobs for free such as Friday Ad ( or Glassdoor ( Contacting relevant local online publications will also be useful for advertising these opportunities.

And, perhaps most importantly, we recommend ensuring your hotel’s website has a clear and accessible careers section where all the latest employment opportunities (as well as the ways to apply!) are detailed and regularly updated.

Use social media

Remember to use social media channels to post information about jobs at your hotel. Make sure you have a company LinkedIn profile that is kept up to date with regular proactive and reactive posts, and use it to make relevant and useful connections in the industry.

Effectively managing your profile will mean that any updates or job vacancies posted will be viewed by larger numbers of people. As hotel managers, ensure your personal LinkedIn profiles as well as those of your senior staff are also managed efficiently and regularly interact with the hotel profile to increase the reach even further. As well as LinkedIn, job vacancies can be posted on sites such as Twitter and Facebook so make use of these popular channels to build a strong brand with a strong following.

Network and refer

Last but by no means least, make sure you as hotel managers (as well as your staff!) are networking to make the right connections and potentially discover the best talent. Implement incentive programmes for current staff who can receive shopping or restaurant vouchers, for example, for referring candidates they know.

In this day and age, there is such an emphasis on the digital sphere and often the importance of meeting people and interacting can be forgotten. From simply making the effort to talk to and get to know your guests, to attending university or hospitality job fairs, you never know when you’re going to come across someone looking for an opportunity.