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Brewing great relationships

We’re always keen to get feedback from everyone we work with – it’s how we maintain our friendly, approachable culture and high standard of service.

We also like hearing about our clients’ progress and how use of our systems benefits them, their guests and ultimately drives business in the sector.

This month we caught up with Francis Falvey from Butcombe Brewing Co. We asked him to give us a snapshot of life behind the scenes at one of Britain’s most successful and fast-growing brewery and hospitality businesses – here’s what he had to say:

How long have you worked with Avon Data?

“I’ve worked with Avon Data on and off for the best part of 20 years – at different businesses.

“Our relationship with them at Butcombe is a more recent acquisition – we moved over to Avon Data in full last year following a review and decision to streamline several different systems and use just one – to benefit the business operation.

Why did you choose to work with them?

“We selected Avon Data not because of any previous relationship. We ran a thorough selection process and they came out the frontrunner.

“We thought they had demonstrated that they knew our operation well and had clearly spent a long time looking at this. Once the decision had been made I knew it would be an easy process to put the system in.

“They also already work with Zonal (our EPOS system) and with our employment scheduling system and this simplifies room postings and end of day business reporting across multiple sites.”

How does Avon Data add value to your business operation?

“Business information (BI) and analytics are vital to our success and we are using qlik for central reporting. This platform is now pulling in our data from AvonData’s system which means we have the capability for rapid analysis and distribution around the senior management of the business each night and for reporting to the board.”

What are the benefits of working with Avon Data?

“They are extremely professional – not to mention highly efficient and cost effective for the range of services they offer. They produce excellent results – consistently –and are a great team of people who really do understand our business.

“Problem resolution that’s the same day not same week really makes them stand out. All our new properties with rooms will go into the Avon Data system.

“Sarah and her team are great and good to do business with – there is strong communication within Avon Data. I know I only have to call one person and it doesn’t matter who it is – the rest of the team will be briefed on what’s going on in our business at any given time.”

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