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Avon Data partners with GuestRevu

Avon Data’s hotel PMS Hotel Executive now integrates with leading online reputation management system, GuestRevu to help our hotel clients make the most of guest feedback.

Hotel Executive will pass checkout data to GuestRevu each day. Guests will then automatically receive a bespoke email with the hotel’s branding, containing a short feedback questionnaire and TripAvdisor form, inviting them to leave a review.

This allows the hotel to collect and analyse guest data over time, so owner-managers can make comparisons with previous reviews and look at what may be causing certain changes, good and bad.

When guests have complaints or raise issues, the hotel is immediately notified they have received a low score so it can be addressed.

GuestRevu is a platinum partner with TripAdvisor so is able to embed the TripAdvisor review form in the guest feedback email making it as quick and easy as possible for guests to make reviews. This generates a greater volume of TripAdvisor reviews which also helps boost hotels’ SEO rankings.

The other benefit is that guests often respond more positively when proactively approached for feedback.

Online ratings, whether on Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook or one of the many other comparison websites or social channels, are hugely influential. The world’s most visited travel website, TripAdvisor boasts about 300 million unique monthly users.

Guest feedback can also provide invaluable information for hotel owner managers on areas that need improvement.

This makes it vital that hotels effectively manage their guest feedback and reviews. However, with so many different information channels to monitor and engage with, this can be a difficult and very time-consuming process.

GuestRevu’s products enable hotels to easily generate, monitor and respond to guest feedback.

Hotels can also opt to add on the GuestRevu reputation management tool which scours the internet to collect and collate all the reviews and information shared online and pulls it together to provide an accurate overview of a hotel’s online reputation and providing an overall online score.

Hoteliers can then view all their reviews and ratings in one place and respond to those that require follow up. The system can also provide a comparison with competitors, showing online scores.

Mark Evans, business development manager at GuestRevu said: “We offer an easy solution which helps hoteliers listen, learn and therefore earn more from their guests.”

Sarah Cade, managing director at Avon Data said: “We’re really pleased to have partnered with GuestRevu to further enhance the services we can offer our clients.

“This integration will enable our customers to proactively invite and manage guest feedback thanks to GuestRevu fantastic system.”

For more information about how the new integration could benefit you, get in touch.