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Coming soon – our new auto end-of-day feature!

We’re always looking for new ways to help our clients so, in line with growing demand to streamline and automate processes wherever possible, we’re launching a new ‘auto end-of-day’ feature.

All hotels have to close business at the end of each day so the takings for each 24-hour period can be accurately recorded for the accounts. For most hotels this is done either in the morning after check-out time or late in the evening.

Until now it has been a manual process, relying on hotel staff remembering to close the business for the day. As with anything, human error can easily creep in and forgetting to kick off the end-of-day later creates confusion in the accounts and reporting.

To avoid such mistakes and save hotel staff time, Hotel Executive will soon boast an automated end-of-day feature which means hotels can simply set the time each day that they want their business closed down and the process will be triggered automatically.

The auto end-of day feature will be available within the next couple of weeks as a free update for all our clients using up to date versions of Hotel Executive who have support contracts with us.

Hotels using very old legacy systems may need to upgrade for a more recent version of Hotel Executive to access the automated end of day feature.

So, if you are keen to find out more about how the automated end of day feature could help you and get yourself on the waiting list, get in touch!