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Avon Data partners with Secure Trading

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with e-payments expert Secure Trading.

Earlier this year Avon Data completed the development of a new improved credit card security module, HE-Secure Plus, to ensure all our clients’ hotels can safely take guest payment details.

The new feature offers big time savings for hotel staff and cuts out room for error by automating much of the payment processing which would otherwise have to be done manually.

HE Secure Plus, was originally created in partnership with WorldPay and TokenEx, both industry leaders in PCI-Compliance.

Now, to offer our customers greater choice, HE Secure Plus also integrates with Secure Trading.

Secure Trading delivers secure, fully PCI DSS compliant online payment processing to organisations worldwide.

They will now support HE Secure Plus in providing:

  • A secure form embedded in the Hotel Executive reservation screen for manual input of card details taken over the phone.
  • Off-site secure card storage by a Level 1 PCI DSS certified payment service provider.
  • Charging of late cancellation or no-show fees directly from within the reservation screen.
  • The secure receipt of credit card details into Hotel Executive from third party sales channels – there is no need to log into the online travel agent (OTA) or channel manager to retrieve card details.
  • Automatic processing of deposit payments for direct and online bookings, of full payment for advance purchase rates and deposit refunds based on your cancellation policy.

With the latest version of HE Secure Plus, hotels’ credit card payments are safer and speedier than ever before.

To find out more about how to safeguard your business with HE-Secure Plus, please get in touch!