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Q&A with Ged Sharrocks, general manager of Riverside House Hotel in Suffolk

This month we spoke to one of our fantastic clients Ged Sharrocks of Riverside House Hotel about the beautiful 15-room hotel in Mildenhall, Suffolk, and his successful partnership with Avon Data.

Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us a bit about Riverside House Hotel?

We revived the hotel from a destitute old building to a really respected beautiful place. It’s now been up and running for seven years. It’s a very busy hotel and restaurant – we plan about 70 weddings a year which is a lot of work, and we also offer the full Christmas package.

When did you first come across Avon Data?

I came across Avon Data six to eight months ago when we were looking for new supplier because our previous hotel management system was no longer working.

Why did you choose to use Avon Data’s software?

We chose Avon Data because they were really knowledgeable and passionate about their products and did a great demonstration when they came to see us. The other companies demonstrated their product using webinars, so Avon Data stood out to us since we saw how it worked first-hand. They were very professional and their product offered exactly what we wanted, if not more. They were also incredibly quick at getting quotes across and very helpful and efficient.

Describe your relationship with Avon Data?

I was impressed with how quick they were to resolve any problems we encountered. We have experienced a couple of glitches, which is completely normal with software, but they were always fixed within a timely manner.

How has Avon Data supported Riverside House with its growth?

We’ve only been using the system for four months but we are already enjoying the benefits.  We were nervous about moving away from the hotel marketing group that we were with in case our booking dropped off.  However, we needn’t have worried as Avon Data connected us to a new channel manager, SiteMinder, and we have seen an increase in bookings, and saved time and money by having the whole process automated.

What Avon Data products to do you use?

We use the Hotel Executive Property Management System (PMS) and Banquet EPOS which is fully integrated.  We also have channel management integration and use HE-Secure for automated payments.

What challenges and objectives led you to look for a property management system (PMS) like Hotel Executive?

It can provide us with a lot more information than our former system, so our accounts department is loving it.

What would you miss most about your Avon Data software if you did not have it?

I would definitely miss the live links to the OTAs the most.