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How best to use your channel manager

A good channel manager enables you to oversee and update all your online sales channels without having to log into several different websites, saving huge amounts of time and cutting out human error.

With Avon Data’s channel management integration you can control all your sales channels from one place and know that any online reservations will automatically flow back into your hotel management system. If you make a change on your hotel system, it will instantly be reflected across all your online channels. If someone books anywhere on your online channels, the room availability will be instantly updated everywhere, so there’s no risk of overbooking.

Here are our top tips for maximising the benefits of your channel manager:

Use as many channels and distribution agents as possible

A channel manager allows you to expand your distribution network through a variety of online travel agents without it becoming unmanageable. Bigger distribution means reaching a wider pool and is likely to lead to more bookings. With Avon Data’s channel management partners, your hotel will have two-way connectivity to more than 200 online travel agencies including, Laterooms, and Expedia. As well as these OTA giants, try some more targeted channels too, such as IEscapes if your hotel is high end, or Hostelword for more budget style accommodation. The global distribution system (GDS) will also make your hotel visible to over 500,000 travel agencies worldwide.

Optimise your pricing

Make sure the prices on your channel manager are fairly level with your competitors as underselling will see your revenue fall while overselling may lead to a drop in bookings. With Avon Data’s dynamic pricing function, you can set room rates to automatically alter according to availability and other factors like time of year or month and more, in order to maximise profitability.

Offer advance purchase rates

Offering a cheaper rate which is non-refundable is a great sales strategy.  If a guest is happy to pay up front for a better deal, it makes sense to secure that booking, whilst also boosting cash flow.  Avon Data’s automated payment system, HE-Secure Plus, seamlessly handles advance payments so there is no additional work involved in selling “pay now” rates.

Enhance customer experience

Use the staff time saved by an effective channel manager to get away from your computer screen and focus on providing unrivalled levels of customer service so that every guest leaves your hotel wanting to return soon!

For more information and advice on how Avon Data’s channel management integration could benefit your hotel, get in touch.