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How to get your hotel noticed on Google

The first page of search engine results swallows up at least 90 per cent of all traffic so it is vital that hotels ensure a bold presence for relevant searches.

With Google accounting for 80 per cent of these, getting noticed on Google is the key to generating more direct bookings.

Here are some basic steps you can take to enhance your visibility online:


Think about what your potential guests would be searching for when planning their travels and looking for holiday accommodation in your area.

From this, develop a list of keywords that you can pepper throughout your website content and analyse their effectiveness. You will need to review your keywords regularly – remember that what people search will vary hugely with the seasons so this needs to be reflected in your keywords.

Merging pages that relate to similar keywords to create cornerstone SEO pages also works well.

Create a ‘Google My Business’ account

Google My Business is a free listing that optimises all your hotel’s information into the right fields and makes it easier for potential guests to access the info they want.

The listing requires basic info such as your address, phone number, Google maps geo-marker, photos, reviews and relevant info such as amenities.

Once your listing is completed, Google My Business will instantly boost you visibility on the search engine.

Prioritise online reviews

The power of online reviews cannot be understated – 90 per cent of customers read online reviews according to research. Travellers are much more likely to trust their peers than your own claims. This is why good verified reviews on search engines are vital and metasearch sites are vital.

To enhance your hotel’s credibility further, respond to as many reviews as possible, especially any negative comments. This demonstates that you care about guests’ experiences and are constantly working to improve your service.

Consider Google hotel ads

Google Hotel Ads enable potential guests to immediately begin the booking process and you only pay once your advert generates a click or booking. The adverts can be carefully tailored so they only appear to people searching something that is relevant to your hotel offering. This boosts sales conversions per click so can be a worthwhile investment.

Content and functionality

Most importantly, it is very important that your website has strong and relevant content – and works well across desktop and mobile.

Google algorithms rate high quality content so simply using lots of keywords for the sake of it will not help you. This includes visual content so ensure you include plenty of beautiful images. The more content you have the more backlinks and external links you can use to strengthen your score from Google’s algorithm and increase web traffic.

Google also expects websites to be mobile friendly so ensure your sites’ speed and functionality is just as good on mobile. Mobile is where the majority of bookings will happen in future so it is a worthwhile exercise anyway.

For more advice from Avon Data on how to ensure you get noticed on google, get in touch.