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HE Secure Plus: New enhanced credit card security on Hotel Executive

Earlier this year Avon Data completed the development of new improved credit card security features to ensure all our clients’ hotels could safely and easily take guest payment details.

HE Secure Plus, which was created in partnership with WorldPay and TokenEx, both industry leaders in PCI-Compliance, provides:

  • A secure form embedded in the Hotel Executive reservation screen for manual input of card details taken over the phone.
  • Off-site secure card storage by Level 1 PCI DSS certified payment service provider, WorldPay.
  • Charging of late cancellation or no-show fees directly from within the reservation screen.
  • The secure receipt of credit card details into Hotel Executive from third party sales channels – there is no need to log into the online travel agent (OTA) or channel manager to retrieve card details.
  • Automatic processing of deposit payments for direct and online bookings, of full payment for advance purchase rates and deposit refunds based on your cancellation policy.

We spoke to a few of our clients, to find out how these features have helped in the day to day running of their hotels.

Natasha Wildash, revenue manager for Fuller, Smith and Turner, said:

“HE Secure is fast and reliable.

“Charging the clients the agreed amount at the time of booking on advance purchases, deposits and pre-paid reservations, with no shows, non-arrivals and late cancellations processed at a click of a button, has reduced the procedure level on the front desk team.

“This has freed up their time to focus on the more important day to day issues like offering good old fashioned hospitality and increasing overall guest review scores.”

Stuart Hallard, director at The Golden Fleece Inn in Tremadog, Wales, said:

“Before we had HE Secure we used to take payment on arrival as it would have been to labour intensive for us to take each payment prior to arrival and then refund every time we have a cancellation.

“The down side of this was sometimes guests wouldn’t show for bookings and we would try to take payment only to find they had cancelled their card.

“Now with HE-Secure Plus everything is automated, we take details and the system charges the guest two days before they arrive. If there are no funds to take or the card is cancelled we get notified and can reset the room avoiding loss of revenue. 

“He-Secure also costs less than our previous online payment system so it’s a win-win situation for us.”

If you’d like to find out more about how HE Secure Plus can safeguard your hotel business as well as leading to big time savings for your staff and cutting out room for error then get in touch!