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How a good property management system can transform a hotel business

Many hotel managers will still remember a time when hotel bookings were taken over the phone and recorded with in a large book, with all the details noted down with pen and paper.

To most hotel managers, this would now seem an archaic way of working. The last 20 years have seen a rapid transformation of working practices to embrace digital technology and the hotel industry is no exception.

As the technology has advanced, so has its potential to support and drive business growth.

For hotels, effective hotel management software creates huge staff time savings, cuts out human error, boosts profits, supports vital data collection, improves security, helps with guest engagement and marketing output and more.

Avon Data’s management system, Hotel Executive, which our team of expert developers are constantly working to enhance, offers a whole raft of features to ensure the efficient running of any hotel business.

The hotel management software enables staff to manage, monitor and update all aspects of the business through one system which records bookings, bedroom status, special requests and more. It also provides all the back office and reporting functions necessary to keep abreast of accounts and analyse business performance.

Additional features such as the channel management integration allow staff to manage all the hotel’s different sales channels from one screen. The dynamic pricing function can be set up to automatically alter room rates based on occupancy levels, time of week or year and more. The channel manager will then update the prices across all the hotel’s sales channels so staff do not have to log into eight different websites to manually update them.

The guest engagement module can be set up to send four automated, tailored emails before and after guests’ stays to maximise upselling and repeat bookings. While HE Secure Plus allows hotels to securely take payments while storing guests’ payment details securely off-site, helping hotels achieve PCI compliance.

By simplifying and automating all the hotel processes within a single system, a good hotel management system can save vast amounts of time.

Sarah Cade, managing director at Avon Data, estimates that just by implementing HE-Secure Plus and Guest Engagement, a 20-bedroom hotel could save at least five hours’ work every day.

A hotel with an average occupancy of 77 per cent would expect to receive around 270 bookings per room, per year. To manually send a confirmation, pre-arrival, check out and follow up email for one reservation would take around 15 minutes, and it would take around five minutes to take a payment and put it through the system.  This makes 20 minutes of work per booking.

A 20-bedroom hotel will process around 5,400 reservations per year, which equates to 15 reservations each day. Thus, if every one of these requires 20 minutes’ work, it will add up to 300 minutes per day, or five hours.

So good hotel management software frees up time so staff can concentrate on ensuring all their guests enjoy the best possible experience.

Ged Sharrocks, manager at the Riverside House Hotel in Mildenhall, Suffolk, who recently started working with Avon Data’s PMS and Epos systems, said: “It’s so much more efficient using Hotel Executive and it does a lot more than our previous system.

“We previously had a very old archaic system which died and spent quite a lot of time looking for a new supplier.

“Avon Data’s system is really thorough and automates a lot of tasks which would otherwise have to be done manually, so it saves us all time and cuts out human error.

“It has really improved our back-office reporting – the lady who works in accounts is over the moon with it.”

If you wish to find out more about how Hotel Executive and its many functions could boost your hotel business’s performance, please get in touch.