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Avon Data’s hosted platform – how it can benefit you!

Have you lost many working hours grappling with IT issues? Lost vital information when a server packs up under the strain? Worried about the stability and security of your IT systems?

All these worries are now a thing of the past for many Avon Data clients thanks to our hosted platform which means you can benefit from all the functions of our hotel management system, Hotel Executive, without having the software installed on your own servers.

Some hotels prefer having the software installed it on their own servers as it makes them feel more in control and they avoid monthly hosting fees. But you do need to be confident your hotel has sufficient IT capabilities to handle the installation and ongoing support.

Our hosted hotel management software was launched a year ago and has dramatically reduced the number of IT glitches faced by those who have started using it. It also provides added stability and security having the system hosted in the cloud and allows any issues to be resolved quickly with a minimal impact on other operations.

Being cloud hosted, the software can be accessed or used from anywhere, as long as there is sufficient internet connectivity.

Twice-daily automated backups are also taken care of, freeing the hotel from that critical responsibility.

Stuart Gray, Avon Data’s head of technical support, said: “It’s amazing to see the positive impact that hotels have experienced after switching to our hosted platform this year. There are so many unnecessary problems that our customers put up with which are just down to their servers being old, poorly configured or overloaded.

“I strongly urge anyone wants to avoid suffering with IT issues to consider going hosted. After migrating to a hosted server, the productivity and morale on-site often goes up tremendously. Not to mention the peace-of-mind for hotels, that comes with knowing that we are looking after and backing up their data for them.?”

If you wish to find out more about the hosted version of Hotel Executive and book a demo, please get in touch.