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Tourism in 2017: A sunny outlook

A record number of overseas visitors have flocked to the UK this year, largely thanks to the falling value of the pound since the Brexit vote.

Foreign tourist numbers were up seven per cent to 3.5 million in June, the highest number for that month on record.

VisitBritain is predicting a six per cent rise in international visitors for the year as a whole, with particularly large numbers coming from France.

Not only are numbers rising, foreign tourists also appear to be spending more, with VisitBritain forecasting a 14 per cent spending surge this year.

International arrivals to the UK are likely to be nine per cent higher for August to October this year compared to the same period of 2016, according to the latest data from Forward Keys, which monitors flight bookings.

Bookings from China are up 20 per cent, and from the US are up 23 per cent, data suggests.

Sterling’s value has dropped 16 per cent against the Euro and 23 per cent against the US dollar meaning the UK is now a much cheaper destination than it used to be and Europeans, Americans and Chinese tourists are cashing in.

In the past two years, the pound has dropped about 30 per cent against the euro.

The fall in sterling has meant many Brits have been forced to stay at home, further driving demand for UK holiday providers.

This could explain why hotel giant Hilton, which has 138 hotels in the UK, is planning to open 30 more after seeing ‘double-digit growth’ in the UK in the past year.

So, while Brexit may be causing concern and stagnation in some industries things are looking bright for UK tourism.

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