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Q&A with Pim Wolfs, general manager of Palé Hall Hotel in north Wales

This month we decided to quiz another one of our favourite clients, Pim Wolfs, general manager of Palé Hall Hotel, which was awarded a five star accreditation this year by both The AA and Visit Wales. Here’s what he had to say:

What attracted you to the hotel business?

I’ve seen lots of different sides to the industry. I started off as a kitchen porter and worked my way up through lots of different jobs within the hotel business. I love the fact that you don’t need a degree behind you to enter the hotel business. It is accessible to anyone who is willing to learn on the job and work hard. I love to push myself and the chance to work my way up through the industry suited me well.

What was your first job in the hospitality industry?

My first job was as a kitchen porter, before I spent four years training as a chef. Since then I’ve moved through many different positions, managing bars and restaurants, being operations manager and most recently becoming general manager here at Palé Hall.

What do you most enjoy about running a hotel?

The best thing about operating a hotel is working with people. Whether it’s guests or team members, it is always very rewarding to develop teams and teach people skills they need to develop their careers. And when the hotel achieves something great like our five star accreditation it brings everyone together with a serious sense of pride

What is the key to running a successful hotel business?

Everything revolves around organisation. This way you can get the right information to make the most efficient and practical decisions to keep your hotel running smoothly for guests and staff.

What is the biggest challenge in running a hotel?

Getting the right people on your team and keeping them motivated. It’s so important for all to work towards the same goal, and this way your hotel will perform its best.

How does an effective property management system like Avon Data’s Hotel Executive help?

It provides indispensable information for everyone in the hotel from the chefs to the managers. Without it there would be a real lack of coordination and organisation.

What is Palé Hall’s top selling point?

We pride ourselves on our fantastic staff, but the unique selling point in our area is our five star accreditation. We are the first hotel in North Wales that has ever achieved this.

If you had one piece of advice for someone thinking of setting up a hotel, what would it be?

Do your research, and ask advice from people who know what they’re talking about and have been there and done it. This way you can make the right decisions, and get the best products and so on.

Why did you choose to use Avon Data’s software?

Through excellent recommendations, and the fact that they were the most trusted and liked for our team.

Describe your relationship with Avon Data?

So far it’s been great, they have been very helpful and are always available to help with any issues.

How has Avon Data supported Palé Hall with its growth?

The system has helped us achieve the high standards we are now known for, and plays an important part in the hotel’s smooth running and success. We are excited to see what the future holds for us with Avon Data.

Has it helped with understanding your customers better?

Yes, Avon Data has been fundamental in helping us deliver a great service and gather invaluable customer information and we are sure that this will translate into repeat business.

What would you miss most about your Avon Data if you did not have it?

The ease of organising my hotel. Pen and paper just doesn’t cut it these days, even in a small hotel like Pale Hall!

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