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Is your hotel on its ‘A’ game for this summer season?

Management guru Mr. Peter Drucker, once stated, “Effectiveness is doing right things, and efficiency is doing things right.” As the UK hotel industry heads towards its peak summer season, hoteliers would do well to put this idea into practice.

Just like in any business, operational efficiency is the sought-after key to success for hotel owners. While a great product with amazing features is what initially attracts customers, it is the processes in place behind the scenes that will streamline activities, save valuable time and ultimately enhance income.

With the school holidays imminent and families preparing for their summer breaks, prioritising the implementation of efficient systems will make all the difference to your customers.

Avon Data’s HE-Secure Plus comprises of new productivity-boosting features that will guarantee big time savings for staff and cut out room for error by automating much of the payment processing which would otherwise have to be done manually.

Created in partnership with WorldPay and TokenEx, both industry leaders in PCI-Compliance, HE Secure Plus allows hoteliers to take guests’ credit card details over the phone or via their websites while remaining PCI compliant.

The card details are fed into the system but stored securely by WorldPay, while deposits and payments are automatically delivered where due, without card details being stored in the system.

This automation reduces the chance of human error, while instantaneous transactions make for better cashflow.

By taking on HE-Secure Plus and the guest engagement module, a 20-bedroom hotel with an average occupancy rate of 77 per cent could expect to save at least five to six hours work every day. All this time can then be focused on keeping guests happy, and crucially, staying ahead of the competition.

HE-Secure Plus provides:

  • A secure form embedded in the Hotel Executive reservation screen for manual input of card details taken over the phone.
  • Off-site secure card storage by Level 1 PCI DSS certified payment service provider, WorldPay.
  • Charging of late cancellation or no-show fees directly from within the reservation screen.
  • The secure receipt of credit card details into Hotel Executive from third party sales channels – there is no need to log into the online travel agent (OTA) or channel manager to retrieve card details.
  • Automatic processing of deposit payments for direct and online bookings.
  • Automatic processing of full payment for advance purchase rates.
  • Automatic deposit refunds processed based on your cancellation policy.

If you want to get your hotel on its ‘A’ game this peak season with HE-Secure Plus, get in touch!