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How to use customer segmentation in hotel hotel marketing

In today’s world of information overload, consumers are bombarded with about 3,500 pieces of advertising every day – and that is a conservative estimate.

As a result, most people have become savvy about filtering out the info they’re not interested in.

This is why a scattergun approach to sales and marketing offers very low conversions rates and is often a waste of time and effort.

However, a more targeted approach can lead to great results.

The key to targeted marketing and promotion is in understanding and segmenting your past and potential guests effectively.

The beauty of the hotel business lies partly in the variety of clientele it attracts, from sightseeing tourists and couples enjoying a weekend getaway, to business travellers and colleagues on corporate away days.

With effective data collection and management, you should be able to categorise guests in multiple ways from basics such as their reasons for visiting, age or location to more detailed descriptions such as their interests or room and food preferences.

Hotel bookingprocesses can provide the ideal platform for recording customer demographics and behaviours but without the right tools in place, recording and making sense of the data can be difficult and time-consuming.

This is where an effective property management system like Hotel Executive comes in as it allows you to capture and store a large amount of data about guests and helps you identify your most profitable sales channels.

With Hotel Executive, you can present guests with quick and easy questions at the booking stage. This can be customised according to what information would help you target marketing and offering such as whether they are fans of golf, yoga, outdoor pursuits, food and more.

Using such a system, hotels can drill down into the details of their customers’ profiles and then design packages and promotions that appeal to them – whether this is a dining offer or simply highlighting local events that may be of interest.

This is the best way to boost guest engagement, attract the attention of prospective guests and repeat business.

Such detailed understanding of guests also allows you to tailor your hotel services so that every guest leaves having experienced a stand-out stay.

To find out more about how we could help your guest profiling and market segmentation to support better sales and marketing efforts, get in touch.