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Keeping your hotel data safe and secure

Now we store virtually all our most vital information on computer systems, it has become ever more important that we take steps to protect ourselves against data loss.

On a personal level, this can lead to the loss of precious photos of sentimental value but for hotels, it can mean the wiping of financial details, confidential guest data and more that could lose you customers and, at worst, destroy the business.

There are many potential causes of data loss such as malware or viruses, user error such as accidentally deleting files, hardware damage from liquids or other causes, power failure or theft.

Avon Data’s Hotel Executive property management system is available as a cloud-based system, which provides good protection against data loss from most of the above. The platform is tested to ensure it cannot be penetrated by unwelcome parties and data is stored in secure UK centres, isolated from other businesses.  Firewall control is maintained on an ongoing basis and backups are scheduled twice daily.

But for those with systems installed on-site, there are basic steps that everyone should take – the key one being, always back up your data!

Here are the others:

  • Keep computers in safe, dry and dust-free areas where they are least likely to get damaged.
  • Have a generator or battery back-up system to provide an uninterrupted power supply during lightning storms or other situations where a power surge is likely.
  • Use virus-detection protection programs and keep them updated. Viruses can be deadly to data so don’t leave yourself vulnerable.
  • Do not click on unknown links which may be malware or ransomware attacks.
  • Install software programs that can detect impending problems within hard drives.

If you and your team want to find out more about the measures you can take to protect all your data – and how Hotel Executive can help – then please get in touch!