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Susan Spence of Manorview Hotels on Avon Data and SiteMinder

This month we decided to quiz another one of our favourite clients, Susan Spence, group operations manager at Manorview Hotels and Leisure Group. We talk to Susan about the positive effects of integrating SiteMinder with their Avon Data PMS.

Tell us a bit about Manorview Hotels?

We are a small, independent group, currently consisting of nine hotels. We also have a pub partnership link, and I am pleased to say that we are growing in the market.

When did you first come across Avon Data?

It was in 2009, when we had taken on our second property.

Why did you choose to use Avon Data’s software?

We evaluated lots of competitors within the market, and made our final decision to go with Avon Data based on both cost and the functionality of the software. Avon Data met exactly what we were looking to achieve.

Describe your relationship with Avon Data?

I would describe it as a very good working relationship. When I call Avon Data Support, it doesn’t feel as though I’m calling a big commercial company. It truly does feel family-run! My initial point of contact is the same person as when we first started using Avon Data services, which is great.

How has Avon Data supported Manorview with its growth?

We have worked closely with Avon Data to develop the software so that we can manage all of our hotels using the one system. Avon Data understood Manorview’s group aspect and have been open with their support to facilitate our development into becoming a bigger group.

Has it helped with understanding your customers better?

Their software’s ability to pull through and store data is a huge marketing tool. Avon Data’s guest engagement module is excellent in allowing us to target, understand and communicate with our guests, to the point where I even know what kind of eggs our return customers like in the morning!

What SiteMinder products to do you use?

We use SiteMinder’s Channel Manager.

What challenges and objectives led you to look for a sales solution like SiteMinder?

The main challenge we faced was continuity when using multiple channels for bookings. Managing them each separately was time-consuming and confusing. We were struggling with both consistency and time management.

Describe the benefits that SiteMinder has delivered for Manorview?

SiteMinder has allowed us to look more closely at our rates. Having this information means that we can spend time asking ourselves what our strategy is. As a result, we have been able to focus on our business plan rather than managing our rates.

What would you miss most about your Avon Data and SiteMinder software if you did not have it?

Personally, I would miss the simplicity of the products. They are easy to use and straightforward tools to train and develop new staff on.

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