How to boost your hotel’s reputation

How to boost your hotel’s reputation

In an age of instant communication and online reviews, hotels have to work harder than ever to maintain a strong reputation.

It is very easy to get caught up in the hype of how one bad review could ruin you and start implementing overcomplicated time consuming strategies for managing TripAdvisor and social media. Some hotels will even pay for ‘online reputation management tools’.

However, the most effective way to boost your hotel’s reputation is simply by pleasing your guests and this means getting all the basics right. So, here is our round-up of the key considerations to build an enviable reputation:

1. Ensure all rooms are clean and comfortable

It may sound obvious but comfort and cleanliness are the two most important tenets of any successful hotel. Recent research revealed that poor cleaning is one of the most common complaints on TripAdvisor. It doesn’t matter whether you are budget or upmarket, every room should be truly clean and comfortable.

2. Offer great customer service

Make every guest feel special with friendly staff and personalised service. This means great attention to detail, like always remembering guests’ names and offering them small added extras, like a glass of wine or plate of nibbles on arrival. Small spoiling details can make all the difference.

3. Stay in touch with guests

From the moment a guest confirms their booking, make sure you engage with them to offer help, advice and also upsell and highlight offers they may be interested in. If done well, this will seem like good service, not sales.

4. Manage your online reviews

Finally, you do need to keep abreast of online review or comments on social media and respond where appropriate to highlight and capitalise on the good, and act upon the bad.

Good hotel management software, like Avon Data’s property management system, Hotel Executive, can assist with all of this. The system facilitates the smooth running of a hotel and helps staff easily monitor everything from the cleanliness of rooms, guest details, special requests and more. It even has a guest engagement module to help hotels stay in touch with guests before, during and after their stay.