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Accountability – why it’s important to track user activity

In any business it is vital that managers can successfully monitor and feedback on their staff’s actions.

This is important for all sorts of reasons – training, better communication, team work, safety and security and to ensure everyone upholds the highest possible standards.

To do this, managers must have clear oversight of what their staff are doing.

In a hotel environment a key element is being able to track which staff members are inputting and updating information in the hotel management system.

Tracking user activity enables managers or senior staff to feedback and better train and instruct staff as they can quickly spot things that need improvement and provide further explanation and guidance where necessary.

Another important reason is that of security when so much confidential and sensitive personal information is likely to be stored on any hotel system.

Finally, if there is an issue that needs resolving, it is a lot quicker and easier to get to the bottom of it if there is a clear log of events leading up to it.

Our hotel management system, Hotel Executive, makes it easy and simple to track user activity. Staff can all have separate logins meaning anything they do within the system is clearly attributed.

This, in turn, makes it easier for hotel managers to ensure all their staff are working well together and thus offering the best possible customer service.

If you want to find out more about how Hotel Executive PMS can help you track staff activity get in touch.