Using your property management system (PMS) to entice repeat business

Using your property management system (PMS) to entice repeat business

Winning repeat bookings and developing a loyal following is vital in building a successful hotel business. The key to this is really engaging with guests, listening to their requests and feedback and offering them a truly personal service.

Thanks to advancing technology and communications all this should be easier than ever, if hotel staff use their property management systems effectively.

A good property management system (PMS), like Hotel Executive, should allow staff to easily tailor bookings and record and flag up special requests for each guest so there is no room for error.

The booking system should be easy to use and efficient for guests while collecting as much information as possible about their requirements so these details can be stored in the system, allowing staff to personalise their services accordingly.

The PMS should also facilitate engagement with guests before, during and after their stay.

This can take the form of automated emails set to send after a guest has booked, shortly before their arrival and a few days after they check out.

Hotel Executive’s guest engagement module, which will be available in June, automatically sends up to four expertly designed, branded emails during and after the booking process to ensure hotels maximise up-selling and marketing opportunities with all visitors.

Developed in response to growing customer demand, each message can be targeted and personalised. The first is a confirmation email to check all the specific details of an individuals’ booking ie. breakfast included, a ground floor room is required and more. A second email will be sent a couple of days ahead of your guest’s arrival. Presented as a helpful welcoming email, this is a great opportunity to up-sell services such as a dinner reservation or spa treatment, highlight special offers and provide information about nearby attractions.

A third email will automatically go out after check-out asking for feedback. Finally, the system can be set up to send a ‘bring back’ email some time later offering the guest special incentive to rebook such as a discount offer.

This kind of targeted engagement will make guests feel a hotel is really dedicated to catering for their needs and providing the best possible experience and will make them far more likely to return.

If you want more help to ensure you are using your PMS to effectively entice repeat business, then please get in touch.