New Hotel Executive guest engagement module coming soon

New Hotel Executive guest engagement module coming soon

So, to help you stay in touch with your guests before and after their visit we are launching a new guest engagement module within our PMS, Hotel Executive.

Our guest engagement feature automatically sends up to four expertly designed, branded emails during and after the booking process to ensure you maximise up-selling and marketing opportunities with all visitors. The emails are fully responsive so they look great on a phone or tablet too.

The guest engagement module has been developed in response to growing customer demand as direct marketing becomes ever more vital.

Super easy to use, it can be tailored to specific criteria whether that is the timing of the emails, their style or content, so each message can be targeted and personalised.

The first message is a confirmation email which can be customised to check all the specific details of an individuals’ booking such as the rate they’ve booked on and any extras they may have ordered such as flowers or chocolates.

A second email is set to send a couple of days ahead of your guest’s arrival. Presented as a helpful welcoming email, this is a great opportunity to up-sell additional services such as a dinner reservation or spa treatment, highlight any special offers or discounts and provide information about nearby sights and activities.

A third email will automatically go out after check-out asking for feedback. This can include links to TripAdvisor if you choose.

Finally, the system can be set up to send a ‘bring back’ email some time later offering the guest special incentive to rebook such as a discount offer.

The system will save hotel staff a lot of time in remembering to write and send emails manually.

The guest engagement software will be available in June but hotels can place their order now or book a free software demo.

To find out more about the guest engagement software, get in touch.