Managers can oversee their hotels from anywhere with HE-Remote

Managers can oversee their hotels from anywhere with HE-Remote

Hoteliers can now manage their hotels from any location with the HE-Remote app, which gives them access to their Hotel Executive system wherever they are.

HE-Remote can be downloaded in under five minutes onto any PC, laptop or Windows 8 tablet.

Avon Data is offering customers a 30-day free trial to find out how the app can benefit their business.

The app is an upgraded version of Avon Data’s Remote Rate Manager, which provided remote access to the Tariff Matrix area of the Hotel Executive system. It allowed hotel groups’ revenue managers or head office staff to manage hotel rates across a number of sites via one application.

Now the application has been developed to include almost all the features of the Hotel Executive property management system and more functions will soon be added.

It is ideal for anyone managing numerous sites from one office or someone travelling between several different sites.

HE Remote is simple to set up, requiring no input from a hotels’ IT support, and has an attractive user-friendly interface.

To find out how you can set up a 30-day free trial, call 0330 2231456.